We build communities.

It might be the community you work in, the community you play in, or the larger community we all live in — but our focus is on creating a community that will achieve your goals.

To achieve that, we bring experts from all disciplines together to design brands and facilities that capture the human spirit. We assemble the best team of architects, brand strategists, interior designers, and graphic designers that is right for your project.

We are the only firm in the region that incorporates full-service brand communications and architecture. This allows you to manage all aspects of your brand, from the way your facility looks to how people interact inside the building and the culture that then evolves.

Our core, in-house disciplines are:

  • Architecture
  • Brand Communications
  • Interior Design

A MODA LEED® Accredited Professional can also assist you in meeting LEED standards including designing a high performance green building that is healthier, more environmentally responsible, more energy efficient, and ultimately a more profitable structure.

All of these services are provided with a focus on creating a sustainable community for your business, your employees and your customers.


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